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Trademarks, as we easily understand as brand names or logos,  are caused by creativity and the need to establish an identity in the world of business, whether online or offline, to be used as symbols on products, goods, or services, to be remembered by the consumer, and to be used as a tool for advertising products or services to increase sales, be able to create business opportunities whether domestically or internationally.

Trademarks are tradeable. To acquire a trademark, you can apply for registration by yourself, or make an agreement to trade with another person’s mark that has been registered via the transfer of ownership at the Department of Intellectual Property or the Provincial Commercial Office.

A Trademark Transfer request can be made from the time that the trademark is in the process of examination untill the trademark has been registered. Litetrademark are happy to help you in every step. 

Required Documents

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Starting at 50,000 Baht  

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For consignees.

Did you know that the Trademark can caused the value up to  $3,000 – $15,000 or some trademark are much higher than that?


Free! We proceed with the trademark transfer for you and the buyer without any fees charged.

*The conditions are as specified by the company.